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Yokohama (as01) Tires

High Performance and Long Lasting. Have you got a Powerful Car that Eats Up its tyres? The Yokohama S.Drive can deal with all the Horsepower and Punishment you can dish out, then says "Is that all you've got?" It suits High Horsepower Cars with big Wheels that Require Low Profile tyres. It's Ideal for Demanding Drivers and Performance Cars like AMG Mercedes, HSV and SS Holdens, XR6 Turbo and XR8 Falcons, Nissan GTRs, Subaru WRX and Sti as well as Mitsubishi Evo.


  • The key to the's remarkable durability is the heat-resistant rubber compound which is similar to the one in the legendary dual duty road and racing tyre the ADVAN Neova
  • Can even survive the occasional track day
  • Fast acceleration, high speed cornering and hard braking brings the best out of the S.Drive
  • Nano Technology Rubber Compound
  • UTQG treadwear rating of 300
  • Large rigid tread blocks with minimal, tight grooves
  • Rayon carcass construction and stiff sidewalls


  • Acts like a soft tyre at a micro level to give grip, yet it resists the wear and high heat generated by powerful cars when driven hard
  • Long lasting, high performance
  • Allow tread to lean on each other to resist deformation
  • Give sharp steering and allow the tyre to maintain its shape when pushed


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