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Sailun Iceblazer Wsl2 Tires

Studless Winter Passenger Car Performance tire.


  • Unique L-shaped main grooves
  • X-grooves in outer tread block
  • Mutli-directional high density siping
  • Shoulder profile
  • Extensive use of enviro-friendly materials
  • Specially formulated compounds and advanced dispersion technology


  • Designed specifically to promote aggressive bite in deep snow, slush, and wet conditions without compromising road noise
  • Optimized to provide maximum self-cleaning characteristics to promote maximum stability and multi-directional grip in snow, slush, and wet conditions while minimizing road noise
  • Engineered to maximize directional grip on snow and ice while also minimizing road noise
  • Designed to maximize contact patch for increased control and lateral stability
  • Meet European REACH requirements
  • Keeps rubber flexible for maximum performance in extreme cold temperatures improving safety and handling in northern winter conditions


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