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Kenda Klever R/T (kr601) Tires

All-Weather All-Terrain Passenger Light Truck tire. Pinned for Studs.


  • 3 full carcass plies of polyester
  • Aggressive sidewall tread
  • Robust bead protector
  • Interlocking center tread blocks
  • Large groove volumes
  • High sipe density
  • Studdable (TSMI #15)


  • Ensure the best amount of protection from impact damage and punctures
  • Not only gains traction but protects against cutting, tearing and abrasions
  • Shields the bead area and rim from close encounters with trail obstacles
  • For aggressive off-road and snow performance
  • Maximize hydroplaning resistance, wet traction and mud traction performance
  • For excellent snow, ice and wet traction
  • For increased winter performance


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