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Rely on Momentum Tire Direct, Gastonia’s #1 Tire Provider. We are your #1 quality and reliable tire store in Gastonia, NC. Momentum Tire Direct can ship tires to your home and refer you to recommended tire installers.

Why Choose Momentum Tire Direct in Gastonia

Gastonia’s Momentum Tire Direct is an online tire shop. People are buying tires online because of the many benefits. Do you ever get overwhelmed looking at all the different tires and wondering if it fits your car? Well, here at Momentum Tire Direct, you can only view tires that will fit your vehicle. It's cheaper to buy your tires at Momentum Tire Direct in Gastonia, NC. Our online store saves you money on costs included in a brick-and-mortar store. We always offer the lowest price. You will always receive a price breakdown to plan your purchase accordingly. We apply for applicable tire deals and promotions throughout the quote process. If you’re looking for a specific high-performance or specialty tire, you may find out it’s out of stock at your local store. Instead of wasting gas and going to the store, you can order from us online. You can always ensure the tires you want are in stock, so you can have them installed. Whether you have a truck, car, crossover, or minivan, our tire specialists will hook you up with tires for an affordable price. We'll walk you through all the options to help you find the best type of tires for your climate, driving style, and vehicle. After you shop our tire brands, we recommend trusted technicians for expert tire installation. From reliable all-season tires to rugged truck tires, your nearby Momentum Tire Direct in Gastonia will keep you rolling with the right tires.

Explore Momentum’s tire brands here in Gastonia, NC

Shop our tire brands online and learn more about some of the brands drivers love the most. Whether you need sport-performance tires or durable truck tires, you'll find only the best tires for your budget, climate, vehicle type, and driving style.


We sell the best Goodyear Tires Gastonia. Goodyear is the #1 tire brand in North America; here’s why: Goodyear tires have a tire for just about anyone, and if you live in extreme weather conditions, then you must try our tires. Our Goodyear all-season tires help provide stable handling and even treadwear in wet, icy, and dry conditions. You can always prepare for ice, snow, and all other winter conditions. If you live in desert terrain or like off-roading, then our Goodyear tires offer all-terrain solutions to provide rugged traction for on and off-roading.


Firestone offers several trustworthy options for performance, all-season, and highway tires. Do you like to go off-roading? Many Firestone Tires Gastonia include mud and stone ejectors that clear out treads no matter where you drive. Do you hate driving in the rain? Other Firestone wheel capabilities include technology that prevents you from hydroplaning. You can corner confidently and enjoy a 20% shorter stopping distance on wet roads. These tires are also a fantastic option for the daily commuter looking for a budget-friendly option.


Bridgestone Tires Gastonia are all-season tires that offer durable & long-term treadwear and year-round traction on and off-road. Our Bridgestone tires are very versatile. Bridgestone tires are perfect for crossovers, SUVs, and light trucks; these tires help you take on any terrain and stay in control. Drivers will be able to stay in power, no matter what the weather is. Because these tires can perform in any other condition, These tires are also comfortable and offer little noise.


Continental tires Gastonia is a leading performance brand whose tires offer incredible braking, smooth rides, and safety first. The continental tires are very durable in regard to traction and braking. Do you want a long-term solution for your car? These tires will last longer than cheaper tires, and you will save money buying Continental tires because of how long-lasting they're. Our continental tires can last up to 10 years and offer a comfortable solution for your car.


Michelin tires Gastonia are known to be the best in the world and always keep up with the latest technological advancements. Do you have an electric vehicle? Michelin offers tires that increase the battery range of cars. So, if you have a Tesla, you should consider buying a Michelin tire with this capability. Are you an environmentalist? Michelin is investing in recycling to repurpose waste into tires. So, if you care about the health of the Earth, then this would be the best option for you. Michelin tires can last up to 10 years. The Michelin tires offer the best performance and durability and are compatible with all vehicles. Our Michelin tires include tires for all conditions, including summer and winter tires. To maximize safety, you must ensure you have a set of summer and winter tires or tires for all states.

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